Quick installation

Until the library is officially released, these installation instructions explicitly reference the bitbucket repository.

Using pip

Assuming you have pip installed on your system, the key steps for the minimal install are:

  1. Install numpy

    $ pip install numpy
  2. Install PyCogent:

    1. If you have mercurial installed:

      $ DONT_USE_CYTHON=1 pip install hg+https://bitbucket.org/pycogent3/cogent3
    2. If you don’t have mercurial installed, download a zip file to your hard drive and pip install as:

      $ DONT_USE_CYTHON=1 pip install /path/to/downloaded/archive.zip


Use the DONT_USE_CYTHON=1 if you want to be sure and use the *.c files we generated. If you don’t have Cython installed, it has no effect.

Optional installs

To use the drawing and parallel computing capabilities, you will need to download a zip archive as indicated above. Then do:

$ pip install /path/to/downloaded/archive.zip[all]

Using conda

Support not yet in place, but it will be…